Standard Whoodle Cali (Short for California)

I have a 10 month old female whoodle that I got from Denise’s litter of Whoodle puppies.  Her parents are Prince Charming and Sweet Pea.  We ended up naming our girl Cali (short for California), She’s Awesome! Everyone who meets her thinks she is so beautiful and they often say she looks like a bear cub.  Cali has been an absolute  joy.  I think she is done growing now and weighs in at about 38 lbs.  
Cali is our 3rd whoodle, I unfortunately lost my 3 year old whoodle (purchased from another breeder) to cancer of the spinal cord so Cali came into our home to be a companion for our male mini whoodle Sam.  They are the best of friends and inseparable, they also love our 2 cats, often times the 4 of them hang out together. Cali is a very affectionate and intelligent dog who is easily trained.  We are almost finished a 6 week session of obedience school and it’s been quite successful.
I had the pick of litter just based on my deposit being first.  Communication with Denise was very good, she provided regular feedback about the puppies individual personalities throughout their development.  As I recall there were 4 or 5 females to choose from, physically they all looked pretty much the same so my choice was made based on what she and her little daughter told me about them.  Since I live in the Toronto Canada area, all updates were via email and pictures and videos were often included.  
I was a bit concerned about having my puppy shipped via air, but that turned out to be just fine. Denise called me when Cali was dropped off at the airport and I called her when I picked her up here in Toronto.  
I’ve attached a couple of pictures.    
Jane C. 
Sam & Cali 09_01_13.jpg

One thought on “Standard Whoodle Cali (Short for California)

  1. Karen Kuns June 22, 2017 / 7:02 pm

    Enjoyed seeing photos of Cali and Sam. Very nice review. Cali is very cute and sounds like she is doing so well in Toronto.


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