Standard Whoodle Phoebe who is a Service Dog

This is the latest review from one of our families we donated a Whoodle puppy to. This family had adopted a daughter who suffered from severe anxiety so they contacted us looking for a service dog. We told them we had the perfect pup for them. A little black Whoodle who their daughter named Phoebe.  
Oh Denise!  Our Whoodle, Phoebe is doing so well!  She lives with Michelle the Service Dog trainer during the week and then comes home on the weekends where we get to practice the latest training.
Phoebe just started alerting to our daughter, Faithie. She isn’t even six months yet. During church on Sunday, she sensed Faithie’s anxiety, licked her feet, then she placed her paw on her and sat up and looked directly in Faithie’s eyes. Faithie was sitting by our trainer and she taught her to respond to Phoebe. Phoebe laid down with her head resting on Faithie’s foot. Halfway thru the service she moved her head but had a paw on Faithie the whole time. Faithie is getting attached and they are bonding. We are so impressed with how smart she is and how in tune she is with Faithie’s needs at such a young age.
I will keep sending updates. We are so grateful to you for giving her to us!!

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