Whoodle Wyatt. Watch the video of him Protecting His Owner from that Big Doggy in the Mirror!

Hi Denise,
I wanted to send you pictures of our our Standard Whoodle Wyatt so your daughter can see how he’s growing. He’s absolutely wonderful!! Do they all have eyelashes this long
I can’t even describe to you how in love with are with this guy. Everything you talk about in your descriptions of your Whoodle puppies is 100 percent true. Just the most loving, sweet natured, smart puppy you could ask for. 
He’s a total character and makes us laugh several times a day 😍
Everyone falls in love with him. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a wonderful little guy! Will send more pictures as he gets older.
Tell your daughter he is very sweet like his mommy for sure. Here he is protecting us from that big doggy in the mirror. 🙂    https://youtu.be/xo7LKu3D_Gc
Hope all is well with you.
Brent and Judy F

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