Standard Whoodle Puppy Amber

We have one of Denise’s pups we got from Celebrity Pups. When we got our adorable puppy, Amber, aka Lacey, on January 1, 2016. Denise was so helpful from day one, when I first contacted her with questions about Wheatens and Whoodles. She was always very available to answer all of my questions. This was my first time to ever work with a breeder and I was so impressed with her willingness to help. We chose our puppy from photos and watched her growth up until one week before we drove six hours to bring her home on New Year’s Day. We took her for her first vet check up on January 6, as we were advised to do to get her off to a good start at home. She was in perfect health, no parasites, worms etc. She did have a little yeast in her ears, which our vet said was very common in puppies with floppy ears and helped us to clear it up. No other health issues!! She goes to Day Care once a week to play. She is a sweet lovable dog.

Thank you, Denise for being so helpful through our whole decision making in choosing the best puppy, now an adolescent, and answering any questions I have had since bringing Amber home. Denise and her family truly love their dogs and the puppies who they help bring into this world for so many families to enjoy.

Karen K.

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