Standard Whoodle Bosco

Hi Denise, it’s Carrie.
Our little Whoodle isn’t so little anymore! As of last friday, Bosco weighs 34 lbs.
He gets a 2-3 mile walk almost every day on Balboa Island. He loves to play with other dogs, though he’s a very puppy playful and likes to swipe the other dogs in the face with his huge paws.
He’s crate trained and “puppy chimed” train as well (he rings a bell to go outside to potty) Potty training only took about 2 weeks.
He’s very good with kids and people, he’s very playful. Loves to go on car rides. Wished I had his eyelashes, they’re insane!
I swear, I feel like getting a doggy vest made w/ his breed and your web site info. Everywhere we go, specially on our walks, we are stopped with people’s questions about him!
I hope you and your kids are well.





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