Standard Whoodle Fiona

Hi Denise,
I hope this finds you healthy and doing well.
John and Dee here. We wanted to give you an up-date on our sweet Fiona and send a few photos to celebrate her first birthday, which is tomorrow. Fiona continues to be a joy and a pleasure. She is so easy to be with. She has never presented a serious behavior problem. It seems that all she lives for is to do what we want her to. She gets obvious pleasure from making us happy. Dee and I never feel like she has a favorite, she is always keeping tabs on each of us.
She still gets together with “Kodiak Bear”, a Mini Aussie Shepherd. They are great friends and play very hard together, but they are very careful and respectful. As soon as her spay surgery heals up, I plan to start her swimming lessons. We don’t heat our pool and it is finally warm enough to teach her how to find the steps and get out of the water in case she falls (or jumps) in.
We have each owned dogs most of our lives, and it is hard to compare, but we agree that Fiona is as smart, kind, loyal, and fun as any dog we have met! We love her so much.
Thanks Denise,
All the best,
John L. and Dee D.

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