Mini Whoodle Flynn – In Training to be a Service Dog for a Veteran with PTSD

Hey Denise, Thought I would give you a follow up on our mini Whoodle Flynn. My husband picked him up from the airport and brought him home, he has been sleeping lots, loves snuggles and loves our kids. They are practically inseparable! We took him to the lake today, so he got a bath when we got home and he wasn’t very happy with me for a little bit. We are all so in love with him and he is just the perfect guy for us. He starts his training for a PTSD service dog in two weeks where he will go to a training center for 2 weeks and live there. Then my husband will take him there for weekly for a few hours of training until he is 6 months old. After that, he will do a 3 week training where he will live there to finish all his training. And if everything goes well, he will be finished. I’ll try to remember to update you how all the training works out. He is proving to us that he is a picky eater so we are trying to work with that, but we’re not too concerned. Here he is with my kids playing in the background


Camille C.

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