Standard Whoodle Sylvester – The Biggest Whoodle We’ve Produced at 65 lbs! Watch his Adorable Video

Hi Denise, Thanks for this and sorry for my delayed reply.  Nice to see Sylvester’s littermate Harmony. Yes, they do look alike.  But Sylvester’s a hot dog and so I keep his hair trimmed quite close—esp. now in this heat! 

We celebrated Sylvester’s 1st birthday and my daughter’s 20th simultaneously. Photo 1.

Photo 2 is him just after grooming. Yes, he’s very handsome. Everyone loves him and he remains so calm and mild-mannered. He’s gone through a couple of rounds of training classes, and this fall I think I’ll try to get him certified as a Canine Good Citizen and he can be a therapy dog—maybe go visit hospitals or something. He’s so sweet and soft, everyone loves to pet him. 

He’s gone quite silvery—white hairs sprinkled in amongst the black, more white at the rear and tail. From a distance he looks kind of gunmetal grey. And of course his white chest blaze and little white goatee. 

He’s gotten BIG—65 pounds!  I take him to run and play with a few doggy friends every morning, so he stays exercised and trim. Photo 3 is him and his tumbling buddy taking a rest after chasing each other around.  He’ll retrieve balls if there’s nothing else to do but he’d much rather play with other dogs.  I attached a great video of the two pups playing.

The other thing he loves most is picking up and bringing home sticks—sticks of ALL sizes, including whole palm fronds.  Photo 4

And his favorite sleeping position.  Photo 5

We love him and I’m often referring people to you/your website cause everyone wants to know what kind of dog he is.  We love having a Whoodle!

He’s a happy dog.  

Thanks again! All best to you for the summer. Stay cool!

Suzy M. 


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