Whoodle Puppy Lyle – His Owner calls him her Co-Therapist

Lyle’s father, Prince Charming, produces a very sensitive, intuitive nature in his puppies. As a young puppy, I could tell Lyle was going to be a perfect fit for Eileen to help her with her patients in her therapy business. Lyle provides clients with any needed emotional support or comfort during their therapy session. 
Hi Denise,
It is so great to hear from you! Lyle is wonderful and is doing great. He works with me when I see my patients and is a wonderful companion to me. I’m sending you several pictures of Lyle.

He is 37 lbs. and he is really a good listener as my co-therapist. I work at home as a therapist and my patients love him (and of course so do I)!!

How are you doing ?

Thanks so much for reaching out,

Eileen & Lyle


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