Standard Whoodle Van (“The Man”)

Truly, words cannot express what an amazing puppy, VAN (“the man”) is, but I will try…

At 9-months old yes, he is absolutely adorable- a total show stopper- BUT more importantly, he has the sweetest and kindest heart ever. My vet is in awe of his temperament and overall disposition and is encouraging me to do the service dog training with him. The owner of my doggie daycare pulled me aside to tell me that I have an exceptional pup. She said she has seen and worked with dogs her whole life and that Van is a very special dog. It’s so true!
Van’s spirit is beyond gentle, but at the same time, he is so fun and literally has someone smiling and hysterically laughing on a daily basis. Very rarely do I have to tell him things twice, the little guy is smart as a whip and loves to please… and does he ever!! He loves children and dogs “almost” more than people… everyone loves him.

All this may sound like I’m just an obsessed, crazy dog mom (OK. I am) but it is all completely true.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank God every day for him. I have no idea what I did to deserve my little, big guy but he sure is my angel. I AM SO LUCKY!!

To the wonderful people at Celebrity Pups, I am forever grateful. Whatever you guys are doing, please keep it up. You are changing peoples lives, one pup at a time….

..I assure you, you changed mine and all those who meet, Van!

Thank you.

Martha O.
Los Angeles, CA.


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