Mini Whoodle Taffy, a Seizure Alert & Service Dog for a child with Epilepsy

Hi Denise, how have you been?  I am glad to tell you that Taffy, the Whoodle puppy you donated to me to be my seizure alert dog is doing very well and is becoming a perfect service dog. I have had 3 seizures where I had Taffy with me. Every 10-15 minutes she came and licked my face checking on me. At 4 months of age, she has learned to go potty on command and she now knows how to sit, lie down and sit-up. She stays by my side constantly and is perfectly behaved when we take her out to public areas and restaurants.
When we took her to service dog training classes, they told us she is already at the level of a 14 month old dog!
I am so happy to have her. You are the kindest person I’ve met, pairing me up with the perfect puppy. Whoodles truly are a great breed and there is something special about your puppies.
Thank you again,
Toni L.
Toni L.

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