Standard Whoodle Kona who is a Therapy Dog for Nursing Homes

Here is a picture of Kona who turned One today. She is so loving, playful and friendly. She loves people, especially kids and other dogs. People always comment on how beautiful she is and especially how soft and of course comment on her eyelashes! People always ask what breed she is and when I tell them Whoodle they smile and want to know all about that breed. She has accompanied me to a few of my nursing homes and is very observant and gives residents kisses. She’s going to make a wonderful therapy dog. Will be certifying her as a therapy dog but I am fortunate that I Consult in nursing homes so I can get her used to them ahead of time. She does seem to sniff out the people that need her most. There was a lady that was sitting in her room receiving treatment and Kona immediately wanted to go to her and another that waved us in because she missed her own dog. After the visit she smiled and said thank you, I really miss my dog and that helped to see yours. I will be sure to send you more updates as we progress in our therapy dog experience. 
We are so happy she is a part of our lives. 
Thank you, 
The Hildebrand Family

Whoodle Kona.jpg

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