Standard Whoodle Puppy Sullivan

cropped-1-1-standard-whooHi Denise
Sullivan, the Standard Whoodle we adopted from you is so funny and so precious. He follows me everywhere and of course sleeps with me. He is housebroken and so far has not chewed any furniture. His favorite things to chew are the newspaper and bathroom rugs. We walk a good mile every morning and he has many people friends. Everybody stops to play with Sullivan. He loves to play in water. Loves the hose and his little swimming pool and a bath. We took him to school and his favorite part of school was recess. After class the puppies (all under five months) got to play outside for 15 minutes. Sullivan was definitely the “Pack Leader”.
We are so thrilled having Sullivan in our life. He does keep me busy and I love every minute. He is our pride and joy and I know we drive our family and friends crazy always sending them the latest pictures. Thanks to you for breeding such wonderful dogs. We and everyone we know think that Sullivan is the cutest and best dog ever!
Thank you for our wonderful Sullivan
Carol Vudis


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