“Magical Little Critter” The words one of our Puppy Parents uses to describe his Mini Whoodle!

Hi Denise,
This little guy below is Buddy (Dallas)born 09/05/15. He just came back from a night at the kennel and a grooming so I thought to show him at his best. He is right at 20lbs and seems like he’s done growing. Quite the personality. Very loving, knows when someone is missing, only barks when you would want a dog to bark. He has learned many things. Only does his business in a box we have on the side filled with gravel. When the news is over and the tv shuts off he gets up, stands by the back door, goes in his box then comes back in and lays down in his kennel quietly until we get up in the morning. When he gets let out in the morning he is sooo happy to see us. Even when I leave the room and come back 10 minutes later it’s like I’ve come back from overseas. The Wheaten welcome is most certainly a thing.
Anyway, Buddy is a very sweet boy with a fantastic, loving temperament. He has to be with his people. As long as we are all home he can lay down and rest. Here is a pic of him. I’ll tell you, this pairing of poodle and Wheaten really does produce a pretty magical little critter!
Best to you,
Eric H.



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