Standard Whoodle Pup Sylvester

Hi Denise, here’s the latest photo of Sylvester at 4 months. Still a sweet boy who now enjoys walks. We walk for about a mile each morning on the streets and then I take him to a park in the evenings for another mile or so but that’s on grass mostly. He’s very people friendly, less excited about other dogs, but he’ll get more exposure now that he has his rabies shot. Keeping his dark gray color. Handsome!
He’s the star pupil at PetSmart’s puppy training class cause he’s so calm compared to the others. There’s a doggy day care place I’ll start taking him to to get him more socialized with other dogs. He’s great with people.
He now does a good sit, down, stay, come (mostly) and roll-over. Treats help!!
I’ve been talking up Whoodles and he’s very popular and draws tons of attention wherever we go.
Samantha M.



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