Mini Whoodle Winter

I’ve attached some more photos of Winter for you. She really is amazing. She absolutely loves every other dog she meets. She has tons of puppy friends and is the life of the party at when she goes to daycare for sure. She travels amazingly well in the car or on flights, rarely barks, loves agility class, etc. She has been all over on adventures- to the beach, the mountains, the city, camping. She is agreeable to going anywhere or just chilling out at home. She is a bit hesitant when meeting strangers (unless they have also have a dog), but we are working with her on that with positive reinforcement and help with her trainers at daycare. Our aim is to be able to work towards registering her as a therapy dog and taking her around to visit nursing homes etc.

She has never been aggressive, destructive (unless you count shredding the junk mail) or a trouble maker. I was honestly prepared to sacrifice some shoes or have some furniture repairs to do but she mainly sticks to her toys. Her coloring has varied a lot, and her stripes are most noticeable when we trim her hair short and while you can’t tell from the photos, she has stayed pretty steady weight wise at 23 lbs for several months – definitely all legs and fluff. We love her very much and can’t wait to give her a sister!



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