Mini Whoodle Puppy Lola

Our mini whoodle Lola is the best family dog. She is super smart and very easy to train. Lola still loves belly rubs and sticks just as she did as a puppy. She will be 2 in March and we couldn’t be happier about adding her to our family!

Tiffany M.



Standard Whoodle Puppy Teddy

The best dogs ever! I couldn’t ask for more. We got Teddy when he was only 8 weeks old. He is always been smart, healthy, happy, gorgeous puppy!

He is so well-behaved. You will not believe this, but we never experienced a single accident inside from the day we got him!
Thank you so much for having such great pups!
May S.

Mini Whoodle Oakley

I got my sweet boy Oakley formerly known as “Arthur” from Denise and I couldn’t have been more happy with the experience and puppy that I got!! He is an absolute dream!! He’s full of energy, love, and is overall a really healthy dog! Definitely would recommend looking into getting a Mini whoodle. Oakley is 22 lbs and a perfect size.

Kelly F. 

Mini Whoodle Puppy Quinn

Hi Denise, we are in love with our sweet new baby. She is an amazing sweet, smart, affectionate girl. We couldn’t be happier with her. Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs. We are forever Whoodle owners.

Thanks again,

Tammie R.


Red Mini Whoodle Remy

Our beautiful red Mini-Whoodle is the happiest, sweetest, friendly, most loving and intelligent pup. Everyone that meets her wants one just like her. She is the poster child for this breed. She is always happy and willing to do anything we ask. She has been so easy to train. Had her fully obedience trained and 100% reliable off-leash at 5 months.
Our previous AKC Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier passed away in 2016. He was an awesome dog, also loved by everyone. In 2017 I started my search for another Wheaten but then decided Whoodle. After a year of searching I found Remy on the Celebrity Pups website. After reading everything about them and all the reviews I knew this was the right breeder. I have a PhD in Animal Behavior so I’m pretty qualified to say this pup is beyond standards.
She has been the perfect find to fill the whole in our hearts.
Thank You for our beautiful wonderful girl‼️

Shylo G.


Standard Whoodle Jeter – A Service Dog and Wonderful Companion

Hi there,
Just wanted to email you thanking you AGAIN for our perfect angel, Jeter. It’s officially his second birthday and we are more in love with him everyday!!!
At 2, he’s a service dog, an incredible swimmer, and the best companion there is. He is the greatest dog in the entire world!
Marisa G.


Hey guys
Just wanted to share a story.
We got our Bryce back in January of 2016.
Wonderful experience he has been, but this past week something happened.
On last Saturday, I had returned from a two week trip to England and Bryce was even more affectionate and closer than usual.  Monday he was licking me so much, particularly left side of my head—which was different for him.
I was Ill that Monday and Tuesday with nausea and vomiting.  Tuesday I also started noticing left facial numbness and a strange change to my walking.
I went in and we discovered I had had a small stroke on left brain stem.  Not the biggest stroke in the world but still with some issues.  A friend reminded me that Bryce had been very fixated on the left side of my head …
I know some dogs locate cancers, but maybe he even knew something was happening with me.  Kind of nice to think about

He is being very chill now…
Michael J.



Mini Whoodle Teagan

Here is a photo of Teegan after her first haircut.  We are so pleased with our little sweetie…thank you so very much!!
M. C.

Standard Whoodle Ziggy Stardust

Oh Denise,

I love my baby, Ziggy Stardust (formerly Bennett), he is so wonderful.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HIM!!! And I think he loves me, too! Everyone falls in love with him! He was crate trained on his 3rd night, goes out at 9 pm then right to bed and wakes up at 6 am. He walks very nicely on a leash, gets uber excited when he sees kids and is quite sweet with my kitty cat, although she is still a little guarded,  but he’s not giving up!
He was such a good baby at work last week now we get to stay home and play. When it’s warmer I will take him swimming! Thank you so much for my beautiful baby!

Renee V.
Whoodle Ziggy.jpg

Mini Whoodle Puppy Loofah

“We adopted a mini whoodle, now named Loofah, in December 2018. Our experience with Celebrity Pups and working with Denise has been amazing! We were in the search for a puppy for a while and unfortunately were subject to a “puppy scammer” prior to finding Celebrity Pups. Working with Denise was so easy, reliable, and refreshing. We really enjoyed meeting our puppy before bringing her home where we instantly fell in love with her. Loofah has been an incredible puppy since day one. She has been very easy to train and her looks are just what we hoped for (very fluffy!). At five months old, she is fully house broken and knows lots of tricks. She has excellent health and has added a lot of fun to our family. We highly recommend adopting a puppy from Celebrity Pups.”


Sydney W.



Mini Whoodle Lacey

The best dog I’ve ever owned! Denise is awesome to work with. Our little girl turns one October 7, 2018 and we couldn’t imagine life without her. She is kind, cuddly, and curious. She LOVES everyone especially children. She is playful, super intelligent, and easy to take care of. I highly recommend any dog lover to get one of these dogs!!!


Standard Whoodle Poppy

Hello Denise!

We love the shaggy look our dog Poppy (formerly Rosemary, now 8 months old!)
Just thought I’d send a photo of our beloved trail dog, from a recent backpacking trip.

Whoodle Poppy.JPG

Standard Whoodle Vito

Hi Denise, I wanted to check-in with an update on Vito. We think he has a bit more Wheaten, than Poodle in him , haha, but we absolutely love him !
He is almost a year old and about 38 lbs. He is the happiest dog we have ever had ! The smallest treat or toy sends him over the the moon ! Everywhere we go, we are asked about him because he is so cute.
He is super friendly, to both people & other dogs.
He actually likes going to the kennel when we leave town because he wants to play with the other dogs. It makes us feel less guilty for leaving him!

We are happy he is in our lives.

Patti S.


Standard Whoodle Russel

Hi Denise – I wanted to send along another big “thank you” for bringing Russel into our lives!  He just turned 1 and we celebrated his birthday on Cape Cod.  He absolutely loves the water, the boat, and the wildlife there!  I’ve attached some photos of him so you can see how big and fluffy he’s gotten.  He’s been such an amazing addition to our family and is a hit with all the neighborhood kids.  We’re truly blessed to have him in our lives.
Thank you again!

Erik M.


Charli who is a Service Dog for a Veteran with PTSD

My husband is an Army veteran with five deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. He didn’t come back the same. And when he left the Army after 14 years, he had an extreme case of PTSD. Simple tasks like going to the grocery store or even out to dinner and the movies gave him panic attacks and he had fear just to live every day life. I was in search of not a cure but something to help him cope.
I did some research and found that maybe a service dog would be in his best interest. I was a little picky about finding the right dog and when I mean picky I mean non-shedding! After much research I came across Denise and Celebrity Pups. I felt like I needed to contact her. I explained our situation and she was very helpful and she said she had the perfect dog for us and offered it at no cost to us for my husband’s service to his country!
We drove 8 hours to meet our new family member. She instantly connected with my husband! After we brought Charli home, we wanted to test out her easy going temperament and at just four months old we decided to take her with us to the movies. We thought that she wasn’t going to be able to sit through it, being a puppy but she did! She laid right next to my husband the entire movie. We kept testing what we could do with a puppy and she can do anything! She was super easy to train and was a pro by six months old! She goes on vacations with us and never leaves my husband’s side. She even has a seat to ride on his motorcycle. Since having our Charli-Girl my husband no longer goes through his anxiety attacks and even enrolled in our local college where he takes Charli with him to his classes.
We couldn’t imagine our life without her. She has saved him. She knows when he’s stressed and having an attack and calms him down. She even helps with his nightmares at night. When he starts to shake in his sleep she lays on his chest and slowly wakes him up. I no longer worry about leaving my husband at home while I am at work because of Charli. I don’t think I can ever thank Denise enough for donating Charli to us and bringing her into our lives. She is currently almost 10 months old and doing great. Getting a Whoodle was the best decision we have ever made!

Ashley S.

Standard Whoodle Grady

Here’s a photo of Grady after his first grooming. It was pretty funny when I took him to the groomer. Now I know what a mother feels like when her child has her first haircut! I had planned to have them shorten all his hair, had pictures and everything, but panicked and couldn’t do it! We will just have to spend more time brushing him to deal with all the grasses, seeds, etc.

D. B.

01730 (1).jpg

Mini Whoodle Lila

Hello Denise!
I wanted to update you on Lila(formerly known as Adele)! Wow, what a wonderful dog you have given me. She made the trip to Cincinnati and fit into our family within hours of being here.
She is so smart! She learned how to sit in less than two days of having her and she already knows down, come, stay, paw, up, and she is doing so well walking on her leash. She has a car seat to keep her safe on car rides(picture included) and she gets in and watches me drive or she sleeps. She also goes in her crate at night and sleeps all night. I tried waking her up to let her out the first few nights but she would look at me like she didn’t want to get up yet so I stopped haha!
She loves everyone we see, especially the neighborhood kids, and she loves meeting new animals as well. She is my little shadow and I already don’t know what I would do without her and I’ve only had her for 3 weeks! Thank you so much for giving me an extremely healthy, smart, happy, cuddly best friend!



Mini Whoodle Stella

So nice to see go onto Instagram and see one of my puppy’s entire life in pictures and videos. You know what a treasured member of the family the puppy is, when their parents chronicle their lives on Instagram. Always love seeing the videos and pics of this adorable Mini Whoodle, Stella


Standard Whoodle Carl

Just wanted to share an update of my Standard Whoodle, Carl! He is a wonderful dog and I love him to pieces. He is sweet but has lots of personality and can be sassy at times! He did turn out a lot bigger than expected, almost 70 pounds but I wouldn’t trade him for the world!

Here he is enjoying the beach in Bodega Bay!

Taylor M.



Standard Whoodle Ellie Mae

Hi Denise,
Ellie had her pet therapy evaluation today. I was more stressed than she was but we passed! Yeah…she is officially a therapy dog. They said they were very surprised because usually pups only a year old don’t usually pass because they are too immature. They were very surprised by her.
She is so sweet, gentle and smart and loves everybody including all other dogs. She also loves kids so we visit children as well. Everyone loves her eyelashes and her black muzzle and her coat. Everyone thinks she is gorgeous dog. I hope she will bring joy to people while visiting them that they can forget for a moment about what is going on in their lives and enjoy her company. Maybe even improve their health and outlook with repeated visits.
Thanks for giving me such a wonderful dog! She is exceptional!
Susan W.


Mini Whoodle Bromley

Hi Denise, Bromley is doing well! You make beautiful puppies! He gets along great with both of my other Wheatens. He is very playful and smart. He is amazing at reading dog signals, better than the other two. He learned the stairs after the first time I showed him how to go down them in the first week he was here… Which is actually amazing. He does a very good job figuring things out on his own.

He is a cutie with a big personality and he is really red!

Kelly J.



Mini Whoodle Adonis

Hi Denise,

Adonis is 4 months old today and thought you would like to see what a handsome dog he is. We are stopped every time we go out and I have probably given your name to 20 people so far. He is smart and has a great personality.
Thanks for giving him a great start!
Whoodle Adonis1

Mini Whoodle Kinsey

Kinsey couldn’t be more cute or sweet. She has been such a wonderful addition to our family. She had her 1st RV trip and did fantastic!. She goes everywhere with us, I couldn’t imagine leaving her home.

Tina & Kinsey

Mini Whoodle Jackson

Happy National Pet Day!
To celebrate, we took Jackson on a hike by a little stream. His puppy shots are
completed and he weighs 12.2 pounds!
Hope you, your family, and all your dogs are doing great! Sometimes when Jackson
is strutting around with a toy in his mouth, he reminds me of his daddy Harley!
He’s an amazing guy!
He loves everyone, is playful with other dogs and is agile with good stamina when we hike.
His coat and coloring are gorgeous! His fur doesn’t grab every little piece of plant matter like our wheaten’s did. His coat is amazing! Super warm in the winter too!
Guess it is obvious we’re pretty happy with him…

Standard Whoodle Cali

Thank you to Celebrity Pups for our adorable Standard Whoodle Cali (previously Pepsi)! She is almost 10 months old and is a big ball of love and energy. She loves to play all day and take trips to the dog park. She brings a lot of attention everywhere we go and everyone is so interested in her breed. We love her so much!

Jamie M.

Cali (Pepsi)

Standard Whoodle Winston – Watch the Video of him Learning How to Wave!

His full name is Sir Winston Whoodle. Our family adores him!

He is doing well, super puppy stage still though; chewing just about everything he can get his teeth on. He has a ton of energy but I hear that is also a puppy thing.

We renamed him Winston once he arrived to us 🙂 He is a great pup and I appreciate your help getting him to us. Oh and he’s weighing in at 51 lbs

Here are a handful of pictures and a video of him learning to waive!
Amanda S.

Standard Whoodle Fiona

Hi Denise,

I finally put the new photos of Fiona in my computer.

Here is our darling girl.

I bet we have told at least 40+ people to look up Celebrity Pups. I hope you new place is great and that your holidays are filled with peace and caring.

Dee D.

Standard Whoodle LillyAnn

We are in love with our LillyAnn! She is perfect in every way! This little girl is so adorable, with a  sweet nature. I had concerns about her flying so far to Pennsylvania, but Denise reassured me that she will come out with her tail wagging, and she sure did! LillyAnn is delightful, she especially loves playing with her big brother Walter a Boarderdoodle. I have found Lilly easy to train, she is eager to please.

We enjoy our LillyAnn and would highly recommend Celebrrity Pups.
Oh my, I would be happy to give my phone number if somebody wants a reference on your dogs
Lora L.
Lillly (2)

Mini Whoodle Puppy Lucy

Hey Denise!

I just wanted to say how awesome Lucy is. I got her January 9th at 8 weeks old. She is the sweetest and most precious dog. Lucy is loving her new home and is as healthy/happy as can be! She loves to play with other dogs and always has a great time.

Thank you so much for breeding such amazing Whoodles,

-Anna R.


Standard Whoodle Kona – A Nursing Home Therapy Dog

Hi Denise,
I thought I’d share a picture of Kona who turned 2 on February 5th. She’s amazing and so beautiful. I love bringing her to work with me, I consult in nursing homes. She makes all the staff and residents smile.
Attached some pictures of Kona and her half sister Nola. They are great friends too.
Gina H.

Mini Whoodle Piper

Piper ( now a year and a half) loves going for a Jeep ride!

Sharon M.


Standard Whoodles Boomer & Buck

Stewart is now Buck and Benson is now Boomer. We LOVE our boys! They are so amazing! Sweet, smart, playful and the perfect companions.

I thought you might like to see a couple of pics of them all grown up.

Kaleen S.




Standard Whoodle Ellie – Watch her Adorable Video!

Hi Denise! Here is a video of Ellie today just after grooming. She is sooo cute! She is an awesome dog! The groomer says she so sweet and patient. She was matted on her legs and chest so it took her 4 hrs.

She brings so much attention every time we go somewhere.

Susan W.


Standard Whoodle Lilly – Watch her Adorable Video

This is Lilly playing with her brother Walter. She takes the lead 👍

We love this girl!




Mini Whoodle Zane

Playing leap frog and taking in the view on our daily hike at Malibu Beach.

Mike M.

Whoodle Patsy Ruth Enjoys the Olympics

She sat there for 30 minutes. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was mesmerized.


0D0D55 (2)


Whoodles Lola & Sadie

Hi Denice,

We purchased Lola and Sadie from you one year ago in March.  They are perfect!  I am sending you their first Christmas photos, thought you would enjoy seeing what beautiful girls they have turned out to be.

Thank you again.

Linda and Paul

Sadie & Lola.jpg

Mini Whoodle Milly

After having to “re home” a puppy that didn’t work out for our family we were nervous about getting another one. Denise handpicked our Mini Whoodle puppy for us based on our family and she’s just perfect! Tilly is loved by everyone that meets her, she’s sweet, gentle and so smart! The dog trainer we have can’t believe how quickly she picks up commands and how calm she is. We love her so much and we’re so thankful for Celebrity Pups! We tell everyone about our experience and send them to your website!

Thanks again for raising such sweet puppies.

Jaclyn W.

Mini Whoodle Zane

Hi Denise,

Here are some new photos of Zane. He’s grown some.

Everyone on the street has to stop and ask me about Zane. Pain in the a** but you did warn me that would happen so I can’t send him back! Lol.

Faviola loves loves her new puppy she just got from you. May have another one sold for you. Don’t want too many Whoodles in Malibu. Lol



Standard Whoodle Jeter

Hi Denise,
Hope all is well! Jeter is officially 6 months old! He went to his first puppy school class, and they extended an invite to him for the accelerated (advanced class), because of how smart he is. He can sit, stay, knows down and high five, and that was before even going into the class. The trainers said they’d NEVER seen a dog with such a great personality and as beautiful as Jeter is! They even asked if we would consider making him a therapy dog (which I told them you have had many of your dogs become).
Anyway, they asked for your information so I passed it along 🙂 Attaching a picture for fun, ignore his ear being inside out!!
Marisa G.
IMG_4290 (2)

Standard Whoodle Ellie Mae

Hi Denise
Well Ellie turned 1 yesterday. I  am absolutely in love with her! She is the best dog I have ever had. She does have to Wheaten Greetin that I am not sure how to break. She is so excited when she sees people. She looks a lot like her brother, Radford except Ellie is a little darker in the face. She has bows in her hair in this picture because she had just been groomed. Thank goodness her eyelashes grew back.
Susan W.

Standard Whoodle Luke

Just wanted to send you a picture of Luke aka Butterscotch..he is so handsome, loving, full of life and energy! He is 32 lbs and will be 6 months on January 16th…We love him and can’t imagine life without him! We get stopped all the time because everyone wants to pet him and asks what breed. He loves all the attention 😂😂

Tammy W.


Standard Whoodle Radford Turns 1 Year Old!

Just wanting to send you his one year old birthday pics….cookie cake later for him.

Dion D.


Standard Whoodle Charlie

Denise, I have been meaning to write you for the last month. I wanted to attach some pictures of my little Charlie. He is the cutest, sweetest, smartest and most loving pup. People always stop me on the street to say he is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen! Charlie has so much personality and love and is such a happy dog! You can absolutely tell he comes from great dogs. Thank you so much for breeding such a beauty. I wanted you to post something on Facebook. Look at how adorable he is!

Thanks so much again.

Jackie C.

Standard Whoodle Amber

Hi Denise,
Two years ago today we brought our Amber home from Southern California. She has changed our lives.💞 We love her so much. Can’t imagine our lives without her. We continue to work on her training & OURs to be the perfect threesome.
She continues to go to Day Care Once a week and can hardly wait to go on Monday’s. Her groomer is there too, and she loves Kristi. We boarded her at the Doghouse  for almost a week in November and she did great. We will be boarding her again in March while we go to Kauai for my son’s wedding. She loves the people at the Doghouse and all her doggy playmates.  She is so sweet and so, so smart. Amber learns new behaviors in a day and is so well behaved in our home environment and most of the time on walks-Still working on the occasional counter surfing when my back is turned.  She loves her two walks everyday and running through her 18 ft tunnel with retrieved toys in house – great exercise.
Happy New Year Denise and Thank you for our beautiful, loving Amber.
The Kuns Family,
Karen, Mike & Amber🐶🎉


Standard Whoodle Riley

What an incredible pup. At six months, he is a little over 40 lbs and a bundle of both energy and affection. Very smart with an inquisitive personality. He is definitely a favorite of all the family, especially our granddaughter. Great pals!

Thanks Denise for all your advise and guidance in the selection of this outstanding pup.
Mike T.

Mini Whoodle Wrigley

Denise, we can’t thank you enough for breeding such a wonderful dog. You called him Logan. We call him Wrigley. He is the funniest dog. Pretty great temperament, just a chewer!

Have a great holiday.
Sally & Greg H


Standard Whoodle Teddy

Teddy (formerly Georgie) got his first hair cut today! 5 months old!

We ❤️ him!!! Thank you!!!

He will be a great therapy dog, too. Our girls love him!

A very Merry Christmas to you and your family ❤️

Melissa C.

Standard Whoodle Candace

Hi Denise,
Just want to say I can’t get over how amazing Candace is! Our first week together went really well and she came to work with me everyday. She did so well in the office, despite all the noise and people, she sleeps through it all.
Potty training is going great! We still have a few accidents here and there, but other than that I’ve been good about getting her outside often and she goes right away.
The work you put into the pups truly shows and I’m so grateful to have adopted from you!! She’s been so awesome and well behaved around kids, loves people and is really good about not biting fingers (all thanks to you!).
We’ve got our first Vet appointment set for the 20th for her to get an exam and her next round of shots. I can’t wait to weigh her and see if she’s grown in the last week.
Oh and we went to the snow for the first time today and she loved it!
I started her an Instagram @candacemeetsworld
Thanks again Denise!! Here’s a few pictures below! I’ll keep in touch 🙂

Standard Whoodle Wyatt

I took this photo this morning and it’s so comical I just had to send it. This is SO exemplary of his personality. He’s funny, smart, cuddly, a good watch dog………everything you could ever want in a dog all rolled into one adorable package.
We are just so completely in love with him. He’s everything we hoped he’d be and then some.
TONS of personality.
If we had more room, we’d be wanting another Whoodle for sure! Someday………:)
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!
~~Judy F
image1 (4)

Mini Whoodle Oliver

Oliver Clark “Ollie” (renamed from Keagan) is our sweet baby, and we could not more happy with him! He is just as the website told us he would be: playful and energetic, but loving and sweet at the exact same time. He can spend half a day asleep and then turn around and play fetch for hours. He is just about as perfect as they come!

Ollie has been quite easy to train and already knows way more than we expected at 6 months old!!!
He communicates with an occasional bark, but hardly ever makes noise that isn’t him telling us what he needs. Also, I have extremely bad allergies to even most mix breeds, and have not had a single issue with Ollie Clark.

Overall, we are so happy and blessed to have found our pup. 
Thank you so, so much!!!!

Paige L.

Mini Whoodle Flynn

We love our Flynny (Flynn) he is an amazing dog, so sweet and loves everyone. When we first received him he was a little bit shy but opened up almost immediately, now at 6 months old he is almost fully potty trained, has completed the first half of is training as a therapy dog with flying colors, and will go back in 6 weeks for another 2 weeks to test and finish up. He is a very quick learner, I’ve taught him sit, stay, come, no no, beg, paw, and we’re working on heel. Our little boy used to be terrified of dogs before Flynn came along, now they are best friends and partners in crime.

The vet here in town was very impressed with the records kept on him and was excited to see that the Vet used for his care, was the same vet he went to school with and was the top of her class. So he was excited to see where she ended up and we were excited to know our pup was very well taken care of the first 8 weeks of life.

Camille C.

Standard Whoodle Sullivan

Just to let you know Sullivan is fine and looking forward to Christmas.
Sullivan is still very much a puppy and mischievous.  I honestly can’t imagine him ever losing that puppy personality he has.  He’s very patient while he waits for John to get ready in the morning to take him for his walk.  He expects breakfast to be waiting for him when he gets home from his mile walk.  If it would be raining that they can’t go on the walk until later then he refuses to eat.  He refuses to eat until he has had his walk.  Yes, he is spoiled, mostly my fault, but John has definitely had a hand in that spoiling.  With both of us retired, we are home most the time and being home means being with Sullivan and paying attention to him.
Wishing you and your family, human and furry, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.
Carol V.

Whoodles Sylvester & Kona


Hi Denise – Today we met at the park and found out that both Kona and Sylvester came from Celebrity Pups and they are also around the same age.  What a coincidence!  They had a great time walking and playing together! I attached a picture of them.

Kona is the Kia commercial puppy, a mini Whoodle.  She is such a part of our family and keeps my 13 and 15 year old entertained since they would never leave their electronics if not for her.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Shelley An

(Here’s the Kia Commercial Kona starred in as a young pup)

Mini Whoodle Fergus – Certified Therapy Dog

Follow him on Instagram:

Standard Whoodle Puppy Jeter

Hi again!
Just wanted to send pictures of our perfect little boy! He had his first haircut this weekend. We love him so much!
 I’ll keep sending as he grows! He’s like a little model!!
Marisa W.

Standard Whoodle Lilly

Denise, Lilly went to the vet today, she is 17 lbs and doing great!

People Stop us and ask about where we got Lilly and we pass on your information She is the sweetest dog we are enjoying her very much. She seems to like her new home and her big brother.

She is Perfect!

Lora L.


Standard Whoodle Hershey

Hi Denise! Our sweet boy Hershey turned 2 today! He’s a great dog and we are so happy to have found him, never had heard of a whoodle before , now can’t imagine our family without him!

Fran P.


Mini Whoolde Roxy

Roxy, born 1/16/17 checking in. Nine months, 18 lbs of pure LOVE.

Thanks Denise, she is such a wonderful addition to our family.

Leslie S.

Whoodle Roxy

Mini Whoodle Charley

We are so glad to have stumbled upon Celebrity Pups! We are in love! Our little Charley (formerly Russell) came home yesterday and safe to say he has won our hearts, a perfect puppy in every way. He arrived after a long flight with a wagging nub and sweet puppy kisses. He loves playing with his mini dachshund sister, although he does steal her toys. I can’t say that he slept through the night, but he has not had 1 accident in the house in over 24 hours! We have been able to enjoy his arrival in so many ways!!! He went to work with me today, a veterinary office, and my coworkers are in awe! Thank you Denise! You did such an amazing job!!! We will stay in contact, so you can watch him grow with us💙

Beth S.

Beth's Puppy.jpg

Standard Whoodle Winnie

We got a whoodle (Winnie) from the parents, Ebony & Max in April of 2016. She will be two years old in February. Our whole family loves her dearly. She is gentle, playful and smart. She loves our kids so much and is great with them—snuggles, wrestles and plays catch. She is truly the best family dog, and we couldn’t imagine life without her.

Becca C.

Standard Whoodle Bear

We purchased a black standard a whoodle (Vinnie, renamed Bear)) from you last year in August, and he has been such a wonderful dog! (He was born on April 16, 2016.) We have dog allergies but have not had any issues with Bear, and I love that he doesn’t shed! We are now looking to get a female standard whoodle to be his companion and double the joy! Our Bear is almost 50 pounds, which we like. 🙂

He is such a sweet, calm, and obedient dog. He has been easy so train — he never goes into the kitchen (even if his ball rolls in there!) and he has learned to go potty only in the side yard. He is so respectful and waits to be invited onto the furniture. He loves to play with other dogs at the dog park, and I’m sure he’ll be very excited to have a sister to play with every day!

Thank you,
Leslie A.

Mini Whoodle Zoey

Love our Mini Whoodle Zoey! Birthdate 4/7/16. She’s about 18 lbs.

Great decision! So glad we got her!

Thank you Denise!

Karen E.


Mini Whoodle Cali

Hi Denise,
I thought I would follow up with you to let you know how much we are loving our little Cali (Mini Whoodle)! She is absolutely the best decision we ever made! She is now 10 months old and we have all settled into a routine with her. She loves to play with other dogs and run around in the yard. It is almost hard to take her on walks because everyone wants to stop and ask me about her. We are so pleased with our choice – even my boys have asked, “Mom, how did you manage to find the perfect dog?”
All the best to you in the new year.
Lynn B. & Family

Mini Whoodle Coco

One of our Whoodles from made it onto the List of “Unusual Crossbreed Dogs That Are So Cute You’ll Want One Of Each”.
Isn’t little Coco the cutest Whoodle you’ve ever seen?
She has quite the following on Instagram:
She was so adorable, she was also featured on a Conan OBrien TV show as a young puppy along with her adorable sister doing an Easter special.

Standard Whoodle Puppy Blake

Blake went to the ocean last week!!

Very cold n windy, rainy, too. We didn’t go into the water. There sure were a lot of interesting smells for him though. As he does everything, with a sniff and healthy curiosity!!
Got him a puppy trim today — eyes, nails, pads, back end, also a bath n blow dry. He was well behaved and sure was a hit. We have referred several folks to your website!  He sure draws a crowd!
Love him! Love him!!!
Diane Q.

Mini Whoodle Winter

I’ve attached some more photos of Winter for you. She really is amazing. She absolutely loves every other dog she meets. She has tons of puppy friends and is the life of the party at when she goes to daycare for sure. She travels amazingly well in the car or on flights, rarely barks, loves agility class, etc. She has been all over on adventures- to the beach, the mountains, the city, camping. She is agreeable to going anywhere or just chilling out at home. She is a bit hesitant when meeting strangers (unless they have also have a dog), but we are working with her on that with positive reinforcement and help with her trainers at daycare. Our aim is to be able to work towards registering her as a therapy dog and taking her around to visit nursing homes etc.

She has never been aggressive, destructive (unless you count shredding the junk mail) or a trouble maker. I was honestly prepared to sacrifice some shoes or have some furniture repairs to do but she mainly sticks to her toys. Her coloring has varied a lot, and her stripes are most noticeable when we trim her hair short and while you can’t tell from the photos, she has stayed pretty steady weight wise at 23 lbs for several months – definitely all legs and fluff. We love her very much and can’t wait to give her a sister!


Standard Whoodle Gulliver

Gully is a dream! Much love with this guy.  Here are pictures of our dream pup, Gulliver!

He has a sweet disposition to go right along with his good looks. We just love this goofy guy!

One last thing 😊 Zoom in on those eyelashes, they are every girls dream!

All the best and blessings,
Lisa &Ed
Here’s a short video clip:

Standard Whoodle Chauncey

Just wanted you to know that Chauncey checked out great at our vet – no issues.

This pup is such a sweet, sweet dog.  He slept in his crate all night (we have a large one), has not had an accident, but goes when he is taken outside and seems to be a lap dog. We are so in love!

He is so mellow and sweet. 

Thanks again.

 Paula & David 

Lucky the Wheaton Terrier and Bailey the Mini Whoodle

Our Celebrity Pups! Lucky the Wheaton Terrier(2 1/2 years) and Bailey the Mini Whoodle. (12 Weeks). Best Buddies.

Tom M.

Lucky & Bailey

Mini Whoodle Peaches

Hi Denise,

Wanted to let you know how happy we are with the Whoodle we got from you, who you named Peaches. She is the Sweetest girl Ever! She fit right in with our family and she and our other dog get along great!

Thank you so much for her!

Melissa O. and Family

Standard Whoodle Blue

Mini Whoodle Captain Jack Sparrow getting ready for Holloween!

Thanks for sharing these with me Tammi. He’s as adorable as ever!


Mini Whoodle Romeo – Isn’t He just the Cutest Little Thing!

I can’t believe over a year has passed since we headed to the airport to pick up our special little package. I can’t tell you how much we adore this little guy. He has the best disposition, a few quirks like swimming every chance he can, but with his adorable face easily overlooked! If you ever need a testimonial don’t hesitate to contact me. Romeo has been such an awesome addition to our family. I don’t think a day goes by that we don’t say “he is just the cutest little thing!” I have a picture, I thought you might like to see this little guy. We don’t get snow too often but he sure had fun playing in in it!
The Santos Family,
Germantown, TN

Romeo Whoodle.jpg