Standard Whoodle Bear

We purchased a black standard a whoodle (Vinnie, renamed Bear)) from you last year in August, and he has been such a wonderful dog! (He was born on April 16, 2016.) We have dog allergies but have not had any issues with Bear, and I love that he doesn’t shed! We are now looking to get a female standard whoodle to be his companion and double the joy! Our Bear is almost 50 pounds, which we like. 🙂

He is such a sweet, calm, and obedient dog. He has been easy so train — he never goes into the kitchen (even if his ball rolls in there!) and he has learned to go potty only in the side yard. He is so respectful and waits to be invited onto the furniture. He loves to play with other dogs at the dog park, and I’m sure he’ll be very excited to have a sister to play with every day!

Thank you,
Leslie A.


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