Mini Whoodle Charley

We are so glad to have stumbled upon Celebrity Pups! We are in love! Our little Charley (formerly Russell) came home yesterday and safe to say he has won our hearts, a perfect puppy in every way. He arrived after a long flight with a wagging nub and sweet puppy kisses. He loves playing with his mini dachshund sister, although he does steal her toys. I can’t say that he slept through the night, but he has not had 1 accident in the house in over 24 hours! We have been able to enjoy his arrival in so many ways!!! He went to work with me today, a veterinary office, and my coworkers are in awe! Thank you Denise! You did such an amazing job!!! We will stay in contact, so you can watch him grow with us💙

Beth S.

Beth's Puppy.jpg


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