Standard Whoodle Candace

Hi Denise,
Just want to say I can’t get over how amazing Candace is! Our first week together went really well and she came to work with me everyday. She did so well in the office, despite all the noise and people, she sleeps through it all.
Potty training is going great! We still have a few accidents here and there, but other than that I’ve been good about getting her outside often and she goes right away.
The work you put into the pups truly shows and I’m so grateful to have adopted from you!! She’s been so awesome and well behaved around kids, loves people and is really good about not biting fingers (all thanks to you!).
We’ve got our first Vet appointment set for the 20th for her to get an exam and her next round of shots. I can’t wait to weigh her and see if she’s grown in the last week.
Oh and we went to the snow for the first time today and she loved it!
I started her an Instagram @candacemeetsworld
Thanks again Denise!! Here’s a few pictures below! I’ll keep in touch 🙂

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