Standard Whoodle Sullivan

Just to let you know Sullivan is fine and looking forward to Christmas.
Sullivan is still very much a puppy and mischievous.  I honestly can’t imagine him ever losing that puppy personality he has.  He’s very patient while he waits for John to get ready in the morning to take him for his walk.  He expects breakfast to be waiting for him when he gets home from his mile walk.  If it would be raining that they can’t go on the walk until later then he refuses to eat.  He refuses to eat until he has had his walk.  Yes, he is spoiled, mostly my fault, but John has definitely had a hand in that spoiling.  With both of us retired, we are home most the time and being home means being with Sullivan and paying attention to him.
Wishing you and your family, human and furry, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.
Carol V.

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