Mini Whoodle Flynn

We love our Flynny (Flynn) he is an amazing dog, so sweet and loves everyone. When we first received him he was a little bit shy but opened up almost immediately, now at 6 months old he is almost fully potty trained, has completed the first half of is training as a therapy dog with flying colors, and will go back in 6 weeks for another 2 weeks to test and finish up. He is a very quick learner, I’ve taught him sit, stay, come, no no, beg, paw, and we’re working on heel. Our little boy used to be terrified of dogs before Flynn came along, now they are best friends and partners in crime.

The vet here in town was very impressed with the records kept on him and was excited to see that the Vet used for his care, was the same vet he went to school with and was the top of her class. So he was excited to see where she ended up and we were excited to know our pup was very well taken care of the first 8 weeks of life.

Camille C.


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