Mini Whoodle Oliver

Oliver Clark “Ollie” (renamed from Keagan) is our sweet baby, and we could not more happy with him! He is just as the website told us he would be: playful and energetic, but loving and sweet at the exact same time. He can spend half a day asleep and then turn around and play fetch for hours. He is just about as perfect as they come!

Ollie has been quite easy to train and already knows way more than we expected at 6 months old!!!
He communicates with an occasional bark, but hardly ever makes noise that isn’t him telling us what he needs. Also, I have extremely bad allergies to even most mix breeds, and have not had a single issue with Ollie Clark.

Overall, we are so happy and blessed to have found our pup. 
Thank you so, so much!!!!

Paige L.


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