Mini Whoodle Puppy Loofah

“We adopted a mini whoodle, now named Loofah, in December 2018. Our experience with Celebrity Pups and working with Denise has been amazing! We were in the search for a puppy for a while and unfortunately were subject to a “puppy scammer” prior to finding Celebrity Pups. Working with Denise was so easy, reliable, and refreshing. We really enjoyed meeting our puppy before bringing her home where we instantly fell in love with her. Loofah has been an incredible puppy since day one. She has been very easy to train and her looks are just what we hoped for (very fluffy!). At five months old, she is fully house broken and knows lots of tricks. She has excellent health and has added a lot of fun to our family. We highly recommend adopting a puppy from Celebrity Pups.”


Sydney W.




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