Mini Whoodle Bromley

Hi Denise, Bromley is doing well! You make beautiful puppies! He gets along great with both of my other Wheatens. He is very playful and smart. He is amazing at reading dog signals, better than the other two. He learned the stairs after the first time I showed him how to go down them in the first week he was here… Which is actually amazing. He does a very good job figuring things out on his own.

He is a cutie with a big personality and he is really red!

Kelly J.



Mini Whoodle Adonis

Hi Denise,

Adonis is 4 months old today and thought you would like to see what a handsome dog he is. We are stopped every time we go out and I have probably given your name to 20 people so far. He is smart and has a great personality.
Thanks for giving him a great start!
Whoodle Adonis1

Mini Whoodle Kinsey

Kinsey couldn’t be more cute or sweet. She has been such a wonderful addition to our family. She had her 1st RV trip and did fantastic!. She goes everywhere with us, I couldn’t imagine leaving her home.

Tina & Kinsey

Mini Whoodle Jackson

Happy National Pet Day!
To celebrate, we took Jackson on a hike by a little stream. His puppy shots are
completed and he weighs 12.2 pounds!
Hope you, your family, and all your dogs are doing great! Sometimes when Jackson
is strutting around with a toy in his mouth, he reminds me of his daddy Harley!
He’s an amazing guy!
He loves everyone, is playful with other dogs and is agile with good stamina when we hike.
His coat and coloring are gorgeous! His fur doesn’t grab every little piece of plant matter like our wheaten’s did. His coat is amazing! Super warm in the winter too!
Guess it is obvious we’re pretty happy with him…

Standard Whoodle Cali

Thank you to Celebrity Pups for our adorable Standard Whoodle Cali (previously Pepsi)! She is almost 10 months old and is a big ball of love and energy. She loves to play all day and take trips to the dog park. She brings a lot of attention everywhere we go and everyone is so interested in her breed. We love her so much!

Jamie M.

Cali (Pepsi)

Standard Whoodle Winston – Watch the Video of him Learning How to Wave!

His full name is Sir Winston Whoodle. Our family adores him!

He is doing well, super puppy stage still though; chewing just about everything he can get his teeth on. He has a ton of energy but I hear that is also a puppy thing.

We renamed him Winston once he arrived to us 🙂 He is a great pup and I appreciate your help getting him to us. Oh and he’s weighing in at 51 lbs

Here are a handful of pictures and a video of him learning to waive!
Amanda S.

Standard Whoodle Fiona

Hi Denise,

I finally put the new photos of Fiona in my computer.

Here is our darling girl.

I bet we have told at least 40+ people to look up Celebrity Pups. I hope you new place is great and that your holidays are filled with peace and caring.

Dee D.

Standard Whoodle LillyAnn

We are in love with our LillyAnn! She is perfect in every way! This little girl is so adorable, with a  sweet nature. I had concerns about her flying so far to Pennsylvania, but Denise reassured me that she will come out with her tail wagging, and she sure did! LillyAnn is delightful, she especially loves playing with her big brother Walter a Boarderdoodle. I have found Lilly easy to train, she is eager to please.

We enjoy our LillyAnn and would highly recommend Celebrrity Pups.
Oh my, I would be happy to give my phone number if somebody wants a reference on your dogs
Lora L.
Lillly (2)

Mini Whoodle Puppy Lucy

Hey Denise!

I just wanted to say how awesome Lucy is. I got her January 9th at 8 weeks old. She is the sweetest and most precious dog. Lucy is loving her new home and is as healthy/happy as can be! She loves to play with other dogs and always has a great time.

Thank you so much for breeding such amazing Whoodles,

-Anna R.


Standard Whoodle Kona – A Nursing Home Therapy Dog

Hi Denise,
I thought I’d share a picture of Kona who turned 2 on February 5th. She’s amazing and so beautiful. I love bringing her to work with me, I consult in nursing homes. She makes all the staff and residents smile.
Attached some pictures of Kona and her half sister Nola. They are great friends too.
Gina H.

Mini Whoodle Piper

Piper ( now a year and a half) loves going for a Jeep ride!

Sharon M.


Standard Whoodles Boomer & Buck

Stewart is now Buck and Benson is now Boomer. We LOVE our boys! They are so amazing! Sweet, smart, playful and the perfect companions.

I thought you might like to see a couple of pics of them all grown up.

Kaleen S.




Standard Whoodle Ellie – Watch her Adorable Video!

Hi Denise! Here is a video of Ellie today just after grooming. She is sooo cute! She is an awesome dog! The groomer says she so sweet and patient. She was matted on her legs and chest so it took her 4 hrs.

She brings so much attention every time we go somewhere.

Susan W.


Standard Whoodle Lilly – Watch her Adorable Video

This is Lilly playing with her brother Walter. She takes the lead 👍

We love this girl!




Mini Whoodle Zane

Playing leap frog and taking in the view on our daily hike at Malibu Beach.

Mike M.

Whoodle Patsy Ruth Enjoys the Olympics

She sat there for 30 minutes. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was mesmerized.


0D0D55 (2)


Whoodles Lola & Sadie

Hi Denice,

We purchased Lola and Sadie from you one year ago in March.  They are perfect!  I am sending you their first Christmas photos, thought you would enjoy seeing what beautiful girls they have turned out to be.

Thank you again.

Linda and Paul

Sadie & Lola.jpg

Mini Whoodle Milly

After having to “re home” a puppy that didn’t work out for our family we were nervous about getting another one. Denise handpicked our Mini Whoodle puppy for us based on our family and she’s just perfect! Tilly is loved by everyone that meets her, she’s sweet, gentle and so smart! The dog trainer we have can’t believe how quickly she picks up commands and how calm she is. We love her so much and we’re so thankful for Celebrity Pups! We tell everyone about our experience and send them to your website!

Thanks again for raising such sweet puppies.

Jaclyn W.

Mini Whoodle Zane

Hi Denise,

Here are some new photos of Zane. He’s grown some.

Everyone on the street has to stop and ask me about Zane. Pain in the a** but you did warn me that would happen so I can’t send him back! Lol.

Faviola loves loves her new puppy she just got from you. May have another one sold for you. Don’t want too many Whoodles in Malibu. Lol



Standard Whoodle Ellie Mae

Hi Denise
Well Ellie turned 1 yesterday. I  am absolutely in love with her! She is the best dog I have ever had. She does have to Wheaten Greetin that I am not sure how to break. She is so excited when she sees people. She looks a lot like her brother, Radford except Ellie is a little darker in the face. She has bows in her hair in this picture because she had just been groomed. Thank goodness her eyelashes grew back.
Susan W.

Standard Whoodle Luke

Just wanted to send you a picture of Luke aka Butterscotch..he is so handsome, loving, full of life and energy! He is 32 lbs and will be 6 months on January 16th…We love him and can’t imagine life without him! We get stopped all the time because everyone wants to pet him and asks what breed. He loves all the attention 😂😂

Tammy W.


Standard Whoodle Radford Turns 1 Year Old!

Just wanting to send you his one year old birthday pics….cookie cake later for him.

Dion D.


Standard Whoodle Charlie

Denise, I have been meaning to write you for the last month. I wanted to attach some pictures of my little Charlie. He is the cutest, sweetest, smartest and most loving pup. People always stop me on the street to say he is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen! Charlie has so much personality and love and is such a happy dog! You can absolutely tell he comes from great dogs. Thank you so much for breeding such a beauty. I wanted you to post something on Facebook. Look at how adorable he is!

Thanks so much again.

Jackie C.

Standard Whoodle Amber

Hi Denise,
Two years ago today we brought our Amber home from Southern California. She has changed our lives.💞 We love her so much. Can’t imagine our lives without her. We continue to work on her training & OURs to be the perfect threesome.
She continues to go to Day Care Once a week and can hardly wait to go on Monday’s. Her groomer is there too, and she loves Kristi. We boarded her at the Doghouse  for almost a week in November and she did great. We will be boarding her again in March while we go to Kauai for my son’s wedding. She loves the people at the Doghouse and all her doggy playmates.  She is so sweet and so, so smart. Amber learns new behaviors in a day and is so well behaved in our home environment and most of the time on walks-Still working on the occasional counter surfing when my back is turned.  She loves her two walks everyday and running through her 18 ft tunnel with retrieved toys in house – great exercise.
Happy New Year Denise and Thank you for our beautiful, loving Amber.
The Kuns Family,
Karen, Mike & Amber🐶🎉


Standard Whoodle Riley

What an incredible pup. At six months, he is a little over 40 lbs and a bundle of both energy and affection. Very smart with an inquisitive personality. He is definitely a favorite of all the family, especially our granddaughter. Great pals!

Thanks Denise for all your advise and guidance in the selection of this outstanding pup.
Mike T.

Mini Whoodle Romeo – Isn’t He just the Cutest Little Thing!

I can’t believe over a year has passed since we headed to the airport to pick up our special little package. I can’t tell you how much we adore this little guy. He has the best disposition, a few quirks like swimming every chance he can, but with his adorable face easily overlooked! If you ever need a testimonial don’t hesitate to contact me. Romeo has been such an awesome addition to our family. I don’t think a day goes by that we don’t say “he is just the cutest little thing!” I have a picture, I thought you might like to see this little guy. We don’t get snow too often but he sure had fun playing in in it!
The Santos Family,
Germantown, TN

Romeo Whoodle.jpg