Standard Whoodle Ziggy Stardust

Oh Denise,

I love my baby, Ziggy Stardust (formerly Bennett), he is so wonderful.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HIM!!! And I think he loves me, too! Everyone falls in love with him! He was crate trained on his 3rd night, goes out at 9 pm then right to bed and wakes up at 6 am. He walks very nicely on a leash, gets uber excited when he sees kids and is quite sweet with my kitty cat, although she is still a little guarded,  but he’s not giving up!
He was such a good baby at work last week now we get to stay home and play. When it’s warmer I will take him swimming! Thank you so much for my beautiful baby!

Renee V.
Whoodle Ziggy.jpg

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