Hey guys
Just wanted to share a story.
We got our Bryce back in January of 2016.
Wonderful experience he has been, but this past week something happened.
On last Saturday, I had returned from a two week trip to England and Bryce was even more affectionate and closer than usual.  Monday he was licking me so much, particularly left side of my head—which was different for him.
I was Ill that Monday and Tuesday with nausea and vomiting.  Tuesday I also started noticing left facial numbness and a strange change to my walking.
I went in and we discovered I had had a small stroke on left brain stem.  Not the biggest stroke in the world but still with some issues.  A friend reminded me that Bryce had been very fixated on the left side of my head …
I know some dogs locate cancers, but maybe he even knew something was happening with me.  Kind of nice to think about

He is being very chill now…
Michael J.




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