Red Mini Whoodle Remy

Our beautiful red Mini-Whoodle is the happiest, sweetest, friendly, most loving and intelligent pup. Everyone that meets her wants one just like her. She is the poster child for this breed. She is always happy and willing to do anything we ask. She has been so easy to train. Had her fully obedience trained and 100% reliable off-leash at 5 months.
Our previous AKC Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier passed away in 2016. He was an awesome dog, also loved by everyone. In 2017 I started my search for another Wheaten but then decided Whoodle. After a year of searching I found Remy on the Celebrity Pups website. After reading everything about them and all the reviews I knew this was the right breeder. I have a PhD in Animal Behavior so I’m pretty qualified to say this pup is beyond standards.
She has been the perfect find to fill the whole in our hearts.
Thank You for our beautiful wonderful girl‼️

Shylo G.



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