Whoodle Pups Molly & Ellie Mae Family Reunion! Watch their Adorable Video

Finally got the two sisters together for a play date. This is Molly the original dog I picked out. She is really dainty. She weighed 17 lbs here and Ellie was 27 lbs. Ellie is bigger and taller. They loved each other and you could tell they knew they were siblings. I had water in the little pool so they were both in it and got soaking wet so they looked pretty bad..lol. We tried to get a picture of them together and it was impossible. They were so excited to see each other.
I’m back in Montana now so when I get back to California we are going to arrange some more play dates.
I attached a cute video

Standard Whoodle Sylvester – The Biggest Whoodle We’ve Produced at 65 lbs! Watch his Adorable Video

Hi Denise, Thanks for this and sorry for my delayed reply.  Nice to see Sylvester’s littermate Harmony. Yes, they do look alike.  But Sylvester’s a hot dog and so I keep his hair trimmed quite close—esp. now in this heat! 

We celebrated Sylvester’s 1st birthday and my daughter’s 20th simultaneously. Photo 1.

Photo 2 is him just after grooming. Yes, he’s very handsome. Everyone loves him and he remains so calm and mild-mannered. He’s gone through a couple of rounds of training classes, and this fall I think I’ll try to get him certified as a Canine Good Citizen and he can be a therapy dog—maybe go visit hospitals or something. He’s so sweet and soft, everyone loves to pet him. 

He’s gone quite silvery—white hairs sprinkled in amongst the black, more white at the rear and tail. From a distance he looks kind of gunmetal grey. And of course his white chest blaze and little white goatee. 

He’s gotten BIG—65 pounds!  I take him to run and play with a few doggy friends every morning, so he stays exercised and trim. Photo 3 is him and his tumbling buddy taking a rest after chasing each other around.  He’ll retrieve balls if there’s nothing else to do but he’d much rather play with other dogs.  I attached a great video of the two pups playing.

The other thing he loves most is picking up and bringing home sticks—sticks of ALL sizes, including whole palm fronds.  Photo 4

And his favorite sleeping position.  Photo 5

We love him and I’m often referring people to you/your website cause everyone wants to know what kind of dog he is.  We love having a Whoodle!

He’s a happy dog.  

Thanks again! All best to you for the summer. Stay cool!

Suzy M. 

Mini Whoodle Flynn – In Training to be a Service Dog for a Veteran with PTSD

Hey Denise, Thought I would give you a follow up on our mini Whoodle Flynn. My husband picked him up from the airport and brought him home, he has been sleeping lots, loves snuggles and loves our kids. They are practically inseparable! We took him to the lake today, so he got a bath when we got home and he wasn’t very happy with me for a little bit. We are all so in love with him and he is just the perfect guy for us. He starts his training for a PTSD service dog in two weeks where he will go to a training center for 2 weeks and live there. Then my husband will take him there for weekly for a few hours of training until he is 6 months old. After that, he will do a 3 week training where he will live there to finish all his training. And if everything goes well, he will be finished. I’ll try to remember to update you how all the training works out. He is proving to us that he is a picky eater so we are trying to work with that, but we’re not too concerned. Here he is with my kids playing in the background


Camille C.

Standard Whoodle Cali (Short for California)

I have a 10 month old female whoodle that I got from Denise’s litter of Whoodle puppies.  Her parents are Prince Charming and Sweet Pea.  We ended up naming our girl Cali (short for California), She’s Awesome! Everyone who meets her thinks she is so beautiful and they often say she looks like a bear cub.  Cali has been an absolute  joy.  I think she is done growing now and weighs in at about 38 lbs.  
Cali is our 3rd whoodle, I unfortunately lost my 3 year old whoodle (purchased from another breeder) to cancer of the spinal cord so Cali came into our home to be a companion for our male mini whoodle Sam.  They are the best of friends and inseparable, they also love our 2 cats, often times the 4 of them hang out together. Cali is a very affectionate and intelligent dog who is easily trained.  We are almost finished a 6 week session of obedience school and it’s been quite successful.
I had the pick of litter just based on my deposit being first.  Communication with Denise was very good, she provided regular feedback about the puppies individual personalities throughout their development.  As I recall there were 4 or 5 females to choose from, physically they all looked pretty much the same so my choice was made based on what she and her little daughter told me about them.  Since I live in the Toronto Canada area, all updates were via email and pictures and videos were often included.  
I was a bit concerned about having my puppy shipped via air, but that turned out to be just fine. Denise called me when Cali was dropped off at the airport and I called her when I picked her up here in Toronto.  
I’ve attached a couple of pictures.    
Jane C. 
Sam & Cali 09_01_13.jpg

Standard Whoodle Ruby – Adopted for a Girl with Special Needs

Standard Whoodle Fiona

Hi Denise,
I hope this finds you healthy and doing well.
John and Dee here. We wanted to give you an up-date on our sweet Fiona and send a few photos to celebrate her first birthday, which is tomorrow. Fiona continues to be a joy and a pleasure. She is so easy to be with. She has never presented a serious behavior problem. It seems that all she lives for is to do what we want her to. She gets obvious pleasure from making us happy. Dee and I never feel like she has a favorite, she is always keeping tabs on each of us.
She still gets together with “Kodiak Bear”, a Mini Aussie Shepherd. They are great friends and play very hard together, but they are very careful and respectful. As soon as her spay surgery heals up, I plan to start her swimming lessons. We don’t heat our pool and it is finally warm enough to teach her how to find the steps and get out of the water in case she falls (or jumps) in.
We have each owned dogs most of our lives, and it is hard to compare, but we agree that Fiona is as smart, kind, loyal, and fun as any dog we have met! We love her so much.
Thanks Denise,
All the best,
John L. and Dee D.

Standard Whoodle Cooper

Wheaten Terrier Henry – Watch an Adorable Video of him Trying to Cool Off in front of a Kitchen Fan

My first Henry update:
First of all, we love him. And most people say he looks like a bear – and they love his new name – Henry!
Thanks for a good pup.
I’ve attached a video so you can see how much he’s taken to the kitchen fan during our heat wave.
More to come!
Greg M.

Mini Whoodle Vinny

Standard Whoodle Patsy

Hi Celebrity Pups,
Our Whoodle pup, Patsy Ruth is the sweetest girl and she is just growing like a weed.
And my other whoodle is a bit relentless about wanting her to wake up and play 🙂
When my mom retires in a couple years she is already planning for one of your Whoodle puppies.
Thank you,
Emily R.

Mini Whoodle Zane – In Training for Service Dog Work

Hope all is well!  Here are some new pics of Zane. You were right, get stopped everywhere we go. People always want to know more about him.
Give your name to each and everyone, lol
He’s doing great with his Service Dog Training.
Richie B.

Mini Whoodle Puppy Rambo

Hi Denise. Chocolate Chip is now called Rambo. He is doing great. Adjusted right away to life with us. He is growing a lot. Now weighs 7 1/2 pounds. He has a great personality and lots of energy. And by the way, he’s a big eater! He really is chowing down.
Thx Denise!

Leslie C.

Standard Whoodle Chief. Owner Describes him as “The Best Dog Ever!!!”

Little Chief is almost about 9 months old now. Seriously, the best dog ever!!! I’ll be a Whoodle owner for life going forward, such awesome dogs. Here he is sitting proudly under his puppy pic!
Mike G.


Mini Whoodle Romeo – Isn’t He just the Cutest Little Thing!

I can’t believe over a year has passed since we headed to the airport to pick up our special little package. I can’t tell you how much we adore this little guy. He has the best disposition, a few quirks like swimming every chance he can, but with his adorable face easily overlooked! If you ever need a testimonial don’t hesitate to contact me. Romeo has been such an awesome addition to our family. I don’t think a day goes by that we don’t say “he is just the cutest little thing!” I have a picture, I thought you might like to see this little guy. We don’t get snow too often but he sure had fun playing in in it!
The Santos Family,
Germantown, TN

Romeo Whoodle.jpg

Standard Whoodle Woody – Watch his Adorable Video of his First Day at the Beach!

Hi, I adopted Woody the Standard Whoodle back in the end of June and just wanted to send a few pics of this sweet little guy.  His coloring is so cool, a lot of orange and dark brown almost like a calico cat. 🐶
We love him so much – he has such a sweet temperament and we couldn’t be happier 🙂
He is  smart and mellow, we are totally obsessed with him!
Thank you!!
Katie M.
Attached a video of him. His first day at the beach